Biosphere Reserve joined in tree planting in KOLI

The Biosphere Resrve coordinator- Timo J Hokkanen joined in the tree planting event at Koli cultura on 9.8.2013 in Koli,North Karelia.

Koli Cultura is a centre for nature tourism and culture and it will be opened at Koli in 2015. The centre will be constructed according to the principles of sustainable development, in respect of the nature and landscape to serve human. The top know-how of architecture, landscape planning and ecological energy and transportation solutions will be united in the planning of the centre. The Memorial Tree Park is a part of Koli Cultura Centre. It provides the visitors the opportunity to be involved in the sustainable development by planting trees.

Koli Cultura is also a development programme which aims to create sustainable model to be used elsewhere in Finland and the globe when constructing services near nature protection sites. The North Karelia Biosphere Reserve is an essential partner in the development project.

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