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(Multiple Eco-Friendly Forest use: Restoring Traditions)


Why eco-friendly forest use?


People living within Karelian region of Finland and Russia greatly depend on forest and forest ecosystem services. Despite this, the role played by ecosystem services in livelihoods of people and their business opportunities have not been fully realised. MULTIEFFORT project aims to address this issue.


The project develops landscape ecological planning and assesses forest ecosystem services and their financial value, along with studying the obstacles and limitations to the sustainable use of forests.


These activities are aimed at creating better marketing opportunities for forest provisioning services (berries, mushrooms, herbs and other collectable goods) while concurrently improving the management of forest regulating services (climate change, prevention and control of forest fires and storm damage, carbon sequestration). North Karelia Biosphere Reserve (covering Joensuu, Lieksa, Ilomatnsi regions) is one of the target sites in the project.


The Biosphere Reserve participates in managing the project on Finnish side together with METLA, takes part in collection of research data, development and dissemination activities as well as organising educational activities.

multieffort kuva.JPGBerries as provisional ecosystem services(Photos on this page: Diner Junker, Sami Niemelainen, MULTIEFFORT)