1. Estimation of game and commercial fish (sport and amateur fishing) resources and the recreational potential in the areas of Muezersky, Kalevalsky districts and Kostomuksha municipality adjacent to the Finnish-Russian state frontier as well as North Karelia Biosphere Reserve

2. Development of models for sustainable nature use and enhanced reproduction of natural resources in pilot areas in Muezersky and Kalevalsky tourism zones and North Karelia Biosphere Reserve

3. Delineation of ecological corridors, and working out of conservation regimens for them. An important example here is the so-called Spokoini area in Muezersky district, south to Kostomuksha strict nature reserve. Preparation of the feasibility study for Tulos landscape reserve with allowances for hunting and fishing.

4. Implementation of communication and interaction mechanisms between private and public hunting farms and other hunting and fishing organizations, revision of their management plans to optimize cooperation with local people and science

5. Promotion of sustainable utilization and reproduction of fish resources in model sites; development of fishing tourism

6. Establishing the conceptual basis for educational tourism development in Kostomukshsky strict nature reserve, Kalevalsky national park and regionally-subordinated protected areas through working out
corresponding concepts and application for Biosphere Reserve establishment.

7. Introduction of up-to-date nature conservation know-how to maintain natural ecosystems, populations of game animals and birds, and commercial fish, which constitute the international resource, with
simultaneous recreational use of the territory

8. Development of the system of informational support for hunters, fishermen, and learning tourists, dissemination of basic knowledge on sustainable use of natural resources

9. Implementation of small investment projects in infrastructure-building in selected areas. Undertaking measures to support enterprise in the hunting and fishing sectors (training in trophy processing,
organization of hunting and fishing tours, etc.)