MULTI EFFORT actions actions restore traditions in cultural services - maintaining old traditional uses of forest products and developing them in changing society and raise an interest to non-wood forest resources and values.


Regulating services (prevention of forest fires, carbon sequestration, climate change mitigation) are addressed in MULTI EFFORT by developing fire risk (inflammability and crown fire risk) and fuel type classifications and analyzing fire effects on ecosystem services. The action will promote extinguishing fires more effectively in the future. The economic value of preventing forest fires can be estimated through the losses incurred by fires. The classifications will be applied on both sides of the border in co-operation with Russian and Finnish scientists. The effects of natural disturbances (fire and windthrow) and forest management treatments on the carbon cycling as supporting services are examined and taken into consideration in future management scenarios on model territories.


The landscape ecological planning will enable a balanced use of all resources with minimized negative ecological consequences, preserve biodiversity and recreational landscape values and promote preconditions for nature tourism.


Lectures and seminars at schools and universities as well as educational trainings at Vodlozersky National Park and North-Karelian Biosphere Reserve will promote multiple forest use and nature-based tourism and enhance forest fire prevention.


The constraints for sustainable multiple forest use will be analysed and, in the future, overcome using co-operation, expertise and long traditions of partners and associates in research and practice of forest use, forest management and conservation.



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