Endangered and rare species

- Hundreds of forest-dwelling species have declined and dozens of species have gone extinct in border area of Finland and Russia. The main cause is habitat loss and degradation caused by forestry. New landscape planning approach would support biodiversity recovery within the study area.


Uniformity of Nature Areas

-In order to preserve the biodiversity within the border between Finland and Russia the new landscape level management planning is needed. The goal of the new planning is to identify, preserve and improve the connectivity between high conservation value fragments along the Finnish-Russian border.


Surface waters

-The project will prepare integrated watersheed management plans relevant for both EU and Russian policy.


Waste Reduction

The project will propose new methods to balance traditional forest use and energy production. Alternative value chains for energy production within the border regions will be proposed based on the analysis of supply and demand within the region.


Environmental knowhow and awareness

New knowledge on managing landscapes across the borders between Finland and Russia will be created and applied to practice.