- Find out the real energy consumption of the company, identify the problematic areas of consumption and follow up the regularly the energy consumption patterns


- Use renewable energy sources e.g. green electricity

-Consider property’s energy-specific solutions

  • Solar energy, Heat pumps, wind energy, wood and pellets

- Adjust the room temperatures as needed

  • Temperatures tend to fall e.g. in areas where people do not work continuously

- Take advantage of the fireplace heat during very cold temperatures (efficiency is upto 80-85%)


- Warm sauna as needed


-In winter, its worth using the blinds especially during the night to reduce heat loss and in summer, to reduce need for cooling 

- Close windows and opt for energy efficient windows while renovating.


  • Windows are classified in energy efficiency from A-G
  • Energy rating is voluntary for manufacturers

- Always remember insulation issues while choosing building materials


- Use mechanical ventilation and adjust device according to the situation


- Turn off electrical appliances when not in use. Standby modes consume electricity


- Buy energy efficient electronics, they are more energy efficient in the long run. Code A consumes the least.

  • Nowadays energy markings (A-G) are mandatory for refrigerators, washing machines, dishwashers, e.t.c

- It is recommendable to place refrigerators next to heat sources such as ovens, radiators or windows


- Consider low energy consuming laptops instead of desktops.


- Use energy efficient lightening techniques such as motion sensors, timers and twilight switches


-Use more of natural light and switch to electricity only when necessary

  • Switch off lights often as you leave a room and put back on only when needed


- Choose more sustainable energy saving bulbs and led bulbs over incandescent bulbs


- Opt for sustainable and environmental products supported by international environmental markings


  Hints for customers 

- Always turn off lights when not needed.

- Use holiday accommodation electricity efficiently.

- Put off electric devices when not in use. Also chargers and cables should be plugged off as soon as you finish using them.

- Use air conditioning and heating systems only when necessary. If property has fireplace, use it as alternative heat source.

- If property has wood grill or grill house, its advisable to use those for cooking. 

- Try to move often using communal transport, walking and bicycles, e.t.c during vacations/short trips.

- In rentals, act quickly and inform landlord of broken electrical equipments, broken seals, bare wires e.t.c

- To save energy, make sure simple things like lights not in use are switched off, windows not left open such as in winter, and that fireplace damper to retain heat after the wood has burned out.


Commercial energy saving consideration (Example):

Hotel Green Star, Joensuu

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Photo: Sami Niemelainen 

More info:


Pohjois-Karjalan Sähkö energianeuvonta

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