- Inform customers of good practices, of which environmental sustainability has been considered

• Convert them also to consider the environment during their visits


- Exchange experiences on energy savings possibilities with other companies and


– Their experiences as well as good practices- Try to convert the staff to work in a more eco friendly way

- Create awareness and make partners comply with environmentally friendly activities


- Collaborate with local actors to support your area of waste management and its development e.g. the waste recycling stations


- Prepare the company’s own environmental programme

  • Environmental programme will assist companies in accounting for their environmental matters. It gives positive publicity for companies and motivates staff to work in a more ecological way.

- Place someone in the company to be responsible for environmental based issues


- Collect customers’ feedback on environmental management


- Suggest the use of sustainable and alternative sources of transportation for the staff e.g. Bicycles


- Recommend local products and services

  • Less transportation reduces environmental impact
  • Support local entreprenuers
  • Locals are more positive towards regional accommodation 

- Inform customers’ too about local products and services


- Help and direct staff and customers to sort and recycle their waste


- Change towels and beddings only when necessary or if required by customer