- Opt for water saving products e.g. taps, water tanks that collect rain water, e.t.c


- Opt for water saving taps e.g. sensor related ones

  • Great for families with children who often play with taps or often forget the taps running which in turn would overflow and cause damage on the floors, e.t.c


- Monitor the water consumption of your property to recognize the problematic areas


- Always check faucets, shower and WCs for any leaks


- By reducing water consumption, we also decrease the amount of waste


- Collect rain/roof water in tanks and use e.g. in summer time, watering plants, renovation, cleaning tools, e.t.c


-Get water-saving and multi pressure shower faucets



To customers:


- Run warm water only when necessary. This will save energy


- Avoid unnecessary flow of water


- Try to wash towels in a bucket or collected water. Avoid running water


- Shut off the tap/shower frequently e.g. during shower when you scrub yourself with soap. 2 minutes of shower consumes an average 24 liters of water and 10 minutes 120 liters  


- Keep eye on leakages of faucets to save water and prevent unnecessary damage costs


- In places where it is safe to drink tap water like Finland, It is advisable to use as frequently as possible the tap water rather than buy bottled water


- Remember that water savings applies not only to your home but also to accommodation/social places outside you home e.g. whence on vacation