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Newsletter 2/2014


Sustainable Karelian Landscapes  -  ENPI Karelia Project KA 528

Enhancing forest fire fighting across Finnish-Russian border

  "Public Geographical Information System Application launched"


Photo: The red areas show the fire risk regions close to the border(represented by the blue line)

KARLANDS project has launched in Joensuu the first GIS-data application that consists of both Finnish and Russian border area databases merged together as one. This happened during the same time as the online GIS seminar that drew over 40 participants

"Russian planning maps have initially been only paper based, hence the maps usage limited to few persons. Now, the information is digitized for the first time for the KARLANDS project model regions of Kostomuksha and Muezersky, and is accessible to specialists electronically.” comments Dr. Eugene Lopatin; the project coordinator from University of Eastern Finland.


Published technology and databases offer for the very first time opportunities for cross-border planning and governance with the help of the database. One of the system applications is the “cross-border forest fire monitoring and prevention. According to Dr. Lopatin’s view, the application also opens up completely new possibilities for the sustainable exploitation of the Finnish-Russian border areas.


Press releases on the subject:

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North Karelia rescue department reaffirms collaboration with KARLANDS

"Cross-border Fire risk database vital in fostering good landscape governance"


In the photo: Dir. Jorma Parviainen giving a short speech during the seminar

KARLANDS project and North Karelia fire and rescue department will co-operate in transboundary forest fire prevention this year. The cooperation is an outcome of successful negociations and discussions by Dr. Timo J Hokkanen (the North Karelia Biosphere Reserve coordinator) and Director Jorma Parviainen of North Karelia fire and rescue department.


The discussions were initiated after the KARLANDS presentation by project manager Eugene Lopatin  on forest fire database possibility during the MULTIEFFORT fire prevention seminar in Ilomantsi late September last year and further discussions during the KARLANDS online GIS seminar held at University of Eastern Finland 27-28.3. this year. Jorma Parviainen (the Director of North Karelia Fire Department) told during his seminar speech that he looks forward to the collaboration in the database realization.



KARLANDS online GIS training in Joensuu gathered over 4O participants

"Seminar yielded great ideas for future development and cooperation"

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Photo: Screenshot of Dr. Eugene Lopatin's presentation during the seminar

KARLANDS takes the opportunity to thank all GIS Online Seminar participants for their involvement, participation and cooperation during the seminar. All comments, ideas for development and collaboration incentives brought up during the seminar are taken into consideration and will sure be used for project development. Special thanks also goes to our project partners, of whom without KARLANDS would not have had the tremendous achievement reached so far since the beginning of the project.


Seminar materials will be available in due time on our website. Otherwise, to learn more about the project and the activities already carried out within the project, kindly check our webpages, newsletters and "Publication section". KARLANDS wishes all a good continuation of Spring!




  SciFest - Science and technology festival for pupils, students and teachers

scifest joensuu 2014.JPG

24-26.4.2014 in Joensuu, Finland

SciFest is a yearly international festival which brings together thousands of schoolkids, high school students, and teachers from around the world to discover new experiences and learn about science, technology and the environment. SciFest is all about bringing science to young people in fun and engaging ways. This is why the chief element of the festival is workshops, where kids can experiment and try things out for themselves.

For more info: click here



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Project coordinator:  Dr Eugene Lopatin 

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