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Newsletter 3/2013


Sustainable Karelian Landscapes  -  ENPI Karelia Project KA 528


GREEN BELT OF FENNOSCANDIA Conference registration ending!


ENPI Karlands project will be represented at the GBF conference in Petrozavodsk, Russia scheduled 7-12th October. The goal is to attach various ENPI activities with GBF process and make better use of the results.


The international conference “Green Belt of Fennoscandia” will take place at the Karelian Research Centre, RAS (KarRC of RAS) - Petrozavodsk, Karelia, Russia.The Conference is listed on the Key Events Plan of the Environment Year approved by the Government of the Russian Federation.H:\\Karlands\\photos\\news\\greenbelt conference_logo.jpg

The Conference will discuss and work out solutions to generate a common system of protected areas in the European North, and to join the efforts for comprehensively dealing with environmental, ethno-cultural and socio-economic problems of the border regions within GBF.


For more information on the conference, take a look on conference website and contact by email (gbf2013@krc.karelia.ru).  See you at Petrozavodsk in October!


ENPI KARLANDS project will be participatiing in the conference with several presentations illustrating the approaches and results of the project.



 Dr. Maxim Trishkin represented KARLANDS at summer school on Russian Forest Governance

Dr Maxim Trishkin was among the twenty international students selected to participate in the Summer School on Russian Forest Governance at the St. Petersburg Forest Technical University (FTU) in early July. The topic of the summer school was Russian Forest Governance in a European context. Lectures by representatives of research, NGOs and industry, as well as panel discussions and sessions together with the students painted a picture on forest governance – theory, practice, and challenges that forestry sector is facing today.


The programme also included an excursion day to the Committee of Nature Resources of Leningrad Region (federal subject for forest administration), the Department of Forestry on North West Russia (regional office) and StoraEnso office in St.Petersburg. The visits gave the students a possibility to interview the local players and hear their viewpoints. The summer school was jointly organised by EFI, FTU and the University of Padova. Click here for more detailed Information



KARLANDS engaged in International Forestry Exhibition “INTERLES”

Summer activities for KARLANDS continued in Petrozavodsk on International Forestry Exhibition “Interles”. The exhibition was supported by highest possible level of representatives of Rosleskhoz, Head of Republic of Karelia, representatives of international NGOs and researchers from different countries.


Many relevant topics were discussed during the opening and plenary session ofH:\\Karlands\\photos\\Exhibition July 2013\\IMG_2649.JPG the exhibition, where intensification of forest management and conservation of HCVF were pointed out. KARLANDS presented a banner at the exhibition. In addition, project leaflets in both English and Russian languages were distributed among the participants.


KARLANDS collected numerous contacts and intends to use it in formulating the stakeholder panel of the project.


Exhibitors and visitors of the leading forestry exhibition Interles witnessed the outstanding and dynamic professional show – for the very first time the world's best woodsmen Russia showed their skills during the exhibition performance STIHL® TIMBERSPORTS® SERIES. A competition of best loggers of Republic of Karelia also took place.



upcoming EVENTS  


ENPI KARLANDS project seminar will be held on 7th October in Petrozavodsk. 

We will publish the programme of the event soon.  Reserve the day from your calendar for participation!  Be prepared to come to discuss about the issues on landscape planning, use of nature resources and nature protection.



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Project coordinator:  Dr Eugene Lopatin 

e-mail: eugene.lopatin@uef.fi phone: +358 (0)50 44 22923 http://www.karlands.fi






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