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Collection and Easy Use of Regional Data is at the Core of KARLANDS 


Jukka NykänenJukka Nykänen is an expert at geospatial systems and is collecting geographic data for the KARLANDS database. The common GIS database will have spatially explicit data on nature conservation, mining, energy, forestry, and tourism in the border areas of Ilomantsi, Lieksa and Kuhmo municipalities in Finland and Muezerskiy and Kostomukshskiy regions in Russia.


The online database will be public and easy-to-use for locals, research institutes and authorities alike. The maps can be utilized for recreation, landscape management planning, risk management, and research on both sides of the border. They can even be accessed by smart phones and tablets in the field. Up-to-date data will be provided by the Finnish Environment Institute, Geological Survey of Finland, Ministry of Employment and the Economy, and National Land Survey of Finland, for example. Data from local actors is needed, e.g., for recreational nature use and tourism services.  


What kind of information would serve You the best? Please let us know!

Contact Jukka Nykänen: jukka.nykanen(at)gmail.com, mob. +358-50-4120717.




The Green Belt of Fennoscandia is Studied for VIPs


vip_270.jpgThe border area between Finland and Russia is called the Green Belt of Fennoscandia. Forest is the core of the Green Belt, and understanding changes in forest use is the key to understanding nature – its past, present and future. 


ENPI KARLANDS has been analysing forest continuity along the border in North Karelia and Kainuu and adjacent Muezerskiy and Kostomukshkiy districts. 


The VIPs (Very Important forest Patches) in the study area are those that are crucial in maintaining forest continuity across the border. Analysis shows that the key continuity patches are between Lieksa and Muezerskiy. In the figure the location of these patches (VIPs) has been marked with red circles.


More results of the studies will be presented in the Green Belt of Fennoscandia Dialogue Forum in Kuusamo on 18-19 Nov. and in the Karlands Final Seminars in Petrozavodsk on 26 Nov. and in Joensuu on 28 Nov. 2014.  The reports will be published in early 2015.


Find more information about Karlands Final Seminars below. The Final Seminars are organised together with ENPI IntellGreenBelt project.




Final Seminars in Petrozavodsk and Joensuu 


Karlands logo.PNGWelcome to the Final Seminar of ENPI KARLANDS, IntellGreenBelt and MULTIEFFORT in Petrozavodsk on 26 November and in Joensuu on 28 November 2014.



The seminars will present the final results and outputs of the projects. KARLANDS will present the online GIS database and its utilization in landscape management planning. In addition, landscape values as well as border area value chains and networks along the Finnish-Russian border will be discussed.


See the programme and registration for Petrozavodsk and Joensuu.

Registration closes on 21 Nov!



 Upcoming Events


18.-20.11.2014 Green Belt of Fennoscandia Dialogue Forum, Kuusamo, Finland




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Project coordinator:  Dr Eugene Lopatin 

e-mail: eugene.lopatin@uef.fi phone: +358 (0)50 44 22923 http://www.karlands.fi






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