Interested in landscape governance and cross-border issues? KARLANDS Seminar is for you!

Welcome to the Final Seminar of ENPI KARLANDS, IntellGreenBelt and MULTIEFFORT in Petrozavodsk on 26 November and in Joensuu on 28 November 2014.

The seminars will present the final results and outputs of the projects. KARLANDS will present the online GIS database and its utilization in landscape management planning. In addition, landscape values as well as border area value chains and networks along the Finnish-Russian border will be discussed.

See the programme and registration for Petrozavodsk and Joensuu.

Registration closes on 21 Nov!

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KARLANDS wishes all a Happy Midsummer!

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On behalf of the KARLANDS project, we wish all a wonderful midsummer!



Photo: Eevi Kohio


International Forestry Forum in Arkhangelsk, 02-04.04.2014

KARLANDS participated in Forestry Forum, which was held in Arkhangelsk during 2-4 Arpil. The event is jointly prepared by the Government of Arkhangelsk Region and the Federal Forestry Agency (Rosleshoz). The program revised the conferences and the seminars on sustainable forest exploitation, illegal logging, the federal management of forest resources and bioenergy development. The key events of the Forum were Roundtables on combatting with illegal logging and second phase of implementation of FLEG process among CIS countries. It has to be noted that “intensification of forestry resources utilization” and “conservation of valuable landscapes” were among the key topics during roundtable sessions, which is also in line with the main targets of KARLANDS project. In parallel session the 11th specialized exhibition, «Wood and Woodworking» took place during the International Forestry Forum in Arkhangelsk.


KARLANDS thanks all participants of Online GIS Seminar

KARLANDS takes the opportunity to thank all GIS Online Seminar participants for their involvement, participation and cooperation during the seminar. All comments, ideas for development and collaboration incentives brought up during the seminar are taken into consideration and will sure be used for project development.

Special thanks also goes to our project partners, of whom without KARLANDS would not have had the tremendous achievement reached so far since the beginning of the project.

Seminar materials will be available in due time on our website. Otherwise, to learn more about the project and the activities already carried out within the project, kindly check our webpages, newsletters and "Publication section". KARLANDS wishes you a good continuation of Spring!


KARLANDS GIS Seminar 26-28.3.2014, Joensuu, Finland

Click below to download the informations about the seminar

-Invitation and programme in English

-Invitation and Programme in Russian

The seminar is open to all and no participant fee is charged. Warm welcome and feel free to share information within your networks.


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