Joensuu Ilosaarirock


The great crested newt is an endagered specie of the region to which Ilosaarirock donated towards their protection as a compensation of green house gas emissions caused by the festival. Photos on this page: Ilossarirock and Ville vuorio

Ilosaarirock  is renown as a forerunner in organizing green festival in North Karelia every year. Unfortunately organising a large festival is not very environmentally friendly as such. That is why it makes an effort to protect the environment by minimising the negative effect the festival causes to the environment through constant campaign on ecological footprint as well as donations towards protecting the endangered species of the region. It does these together with UNESCO's North Karelia Biosphere Reserve and the Metso programme for forest biodiversity. Ilosaarirock also encourages its audience and partners to consider environmental aspects in their day to day activities. Read more