Venue: Joensuu science park, Louhela hall; address: Länsikatu 15


This session was organised together with University of Eastern Finland, Eco-Efficient Tourism project (ENPI), and numerous North Karelia Biosphere reserve sustainability partners.



Responsible tourism is sustainable only if it is profitable economically. Are the cultural and environmental values already appreciated? Do they enhance added value to tourists and to operators offering the services? Or is this only a promising trend that is always put further and further into the future?



- To understand the role and opportunities of tourism and related activities in regional development


- To consider the opportunities as related to societal development an environment


- To clarify the “development” aspects (sensu lato) and find the role of regions and BRs


- To make proposals/starting new co-operation within the scope of the session >> for the plenary



Many operators in tourism business believe in building tourism activities on sustainability. We’ll discuss examples how to make this happen, and whether there’s a strong enough boost to keep these operators alive even in remote border areas.




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conference results

Session chairperson: Prof. Raija Komppula


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Keynote -  responsible tourism, customer's view

Prof. Raija Komppula, University of Eastern Finland


Developing Tourism in a Biosphere Reserve Mr. Christian Bouchard, Canada     

Comment - Innovative and sustainable development concept for nature tourism: Case Koli Cultura (Center for nature tourism and culture) Mr. Pauli Santala, Head of department, FCG Finnish Consulting Group, Finland


Comment (in writing) - Combining low consumer prices and environmental values in hotel business – an utopic idea? GreenStar Hotel


Comment- Speaking the language of the customer Ms Katri Kilpiä, Ilosaarirock, Joensuu


Facilitating nature tourism Senior adviser Liisa Kajala, Metsähallitus


Facilitating culture tourism- Silent areas as a value: Dr. Noora Vikman(UEF)


Comment:  Culture objects – do they really pay off    in tourism? Ms. Petra Karjalainen, CEO, Taitokortteli, Joensuu 


"Border areas as tourist destinations: Case Russian travelers" Ms. Ekaterina Miettinen, (Russia business consulting, MOST)


Application of the Eco-Efficiency concept in Tourism
Mr Igor Shevchuk, Mr Evgeny Zhirnel (KRC, Petrozavodsk, Russia)