Target groups and final beneficiaries

Target groups:


 ¤ Local administrations


 ¤ Businesses that lease land to be used as beaches and recreation sites, and own tourist facilities located in the areas


 ¤ Tourist companies


 ¤ Local firms and entrepreneurs


 ¤ Finnish and Russian companies that introduce and install energy supply, water supply, water disposal,


 ¤ Local sewerage and waste management system


Final beneficiaries:


 ¤ Visitors (local, domestic, international) using the target sites


 ¤ Visitors using the “Blue Highway”, including self-driving tourists, campers, motorhome travellers


 ¤ Tourism companies


 ¤ Local people



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ruuna s.n.jpg The project intends to create a mutual benefit for both local tourist service providers/entrepreneurs and service buyers in this case tourists (Photo: Sami Niemelainen)