North Karelia Biosphere Reserve Projects


Sustainability in North Karelia region is a key feature of the Biosphere Reserve. Therefore  we collaborate with our partner network in running and supporting projects that are promising in essence of sustainability. The projects can be of any kind as long as it is aimed towards a sustainable future meaning the project integrates the society and environment simultaneously in a sustainable manner.  Below are some ongoing projects involving North Karelia Biosphere Reserve.


The aim of this project is to foster good governance in forested landscapes to maximize direct and indirect benefits from Karelian landscapes.

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 This project aims at improving eco-efficiency and visibility of tourism services in Russia (Republic of Karelia, Lake Ladoga and Syamozero areas) and Finland (North Karelia province, Ruunaa and Ilomantsi areas).

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This project aims at improving quality of life through improved forest ecosystem services in Karelian regions of Finland and Russia.

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RoK-FOR project connects forestry sectors of the five partnering European regions within the fields of bio-energy, bio-based products and wood construction. RoK-FOR creates a European Joint Action Plan (JAP) to organize research, change of information, new production and project financing.

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 The project aims to encourage the development of green cities and settlements in remote
border areas.
It also aims to protect natural resources
and the natural heritage as well as utilize the cultural heritage as a factor for development. North Karelia BR is an associate partner of this project.


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The aim of the project is to contribute to socio-economic development of the Green Belt of Fennoscandia by creating the system of sustainable use and enhanced reproduction of natural resources and mechanisms for their further economic utilization.

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