North Karelia Biosphere Reserve seeks to improve the overall relationship between North Karelians and their environment by promoting the exchange and transfer of ideas and knowledge on sustainability as well as creating awareness that helps the inhabitants to focus more on sustainable solutions. All activites are aimed at creating regional sustainable development solutions for better economy and the environment.


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 Photos on this page : Timo J Hokkanen, Ville Vuorio, Sami Niemelainen, Jaana-Marja Rotinen and Joona Kotilainen


Biosphere Reserves are internationally recognized non-profit organizations in areas with world class environments nominated by goverments and designated by the United Nations to promote and help support a balanced relationship between local people and nature. North Karelia Biosphere Reserve (part of UNESCO's Man and the Biosphere programme) consists of the town of Lieksa, Ilomantsi municipality and Tuupovaara district in Joensuu City. Biosphere Reserve activities are held in the whole province of North Karelia.



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