Constant work with climate and energy


Energy and climate change are  Biosphere Reserve's core areas.  Approximately 65% of the region’s energy consumption is derived from renewable energy sources. Wood accounts for over 70% of all fuels used for heat and power generation. Bio-energy cluster in North Karelia employed in 2009 about 1000 person-years and turnover was about 100 million Euros.


The demand of woody biomass is increasing for heating, green electricity or future transport biofuels. The North Karelia Biosphere Reserve wants to be an active partner in seeking local and sustainable solutions for bioenergy and other renewable energy production.


The North Karelia Biosphere Reserve and its partner network also take part in sustainable research and development solutions which would help individuals and organisations to take climate change issues into account already from the planning stage onwards.


Biospherre reserve is an agent in moving towards "green" - sustainable economy.  As the biosphere reserve is a "social interface" dealing with local and organisations, it aims at helping individual people understanding the need of change and the opportunites, and reducing resistance to changes.  


The communities as well as the societal structures need to support changes.  The unbiased background of the biosphere reserve and MaB programme help in getting people around the same table for discussions and concrete actions.


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Images from the region

IMG_9277.JPGForestry session conference participants listening at a energy presentation during the Biosphere Reserve's 20th anniversary conference excursion (Photo Daisy Silvennoinen)