Conservation Areas


There are many conservation areas within the North Karelia Biosphere Reserve. The core areas are:


Koli National Park

Koli has many faces. To many, Koli is Finland’s most beautiful natural attraction. Koli National Park and the surroundings provide a unique combination of internationally recognized natural and cultural attractions together with a broad range of quality tourist services in all seasons. Read more


Patvinsuo National Park

In Patvinsuo, you're very unlikely to see bears, as there is plenty of room for them to keep away from people in these forests. But you might see their footprints, or traces where they have dug up anthills. Wolves, lynx and wolverines also roam through the park, usually unseen. Read more


Petkeljärvi National Park

Petkeljärvi National Park is a picturesque. An enchanting view of the National Park’s sparkling lakes opens from the tops of the park’s beautiful narrow ridges. Petkeljärvi National Park is a popular destination for one day hikes. Read more


Koivusuo strict nature reserve

Koivusuo strict nature reserve was established in 1982. All of Koivusuo Mire is not within the strict nature reserve as half of it is ditched to allow peat production. Koivusuo strict nature reserve was established as a research area in order to help preserve Eastern Finland’s mire and forest landscape in as natural a state as possible. Read more


Kesonsuo nature reserve
The mire complex area in Ilomantsi. See more (Text only in Finnish)


Ruuna nature reserve

Ruuna nature reserve is located close to the Russian border and consists mainly of untouched backwoods. The tranquil atmosphere and vast area of the nature reserve makes it suitable for all year-round hiking. The hiking area is limited to the western part of the reserve and there is no guidance hence the best way to get there is by boat or canoe. Read more (text only in Finnish)

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