International Networks

The UNESCO MaB programme is supported by different sub-networks or thematic networks for experience exchanging and collaboration. North Karelia Biosphere Reserve is a member of EuroMaB and NordMaB networks.


In addition, the North Karelia Biosphere Reserve participates in other national and international collaboration networks, including Working Group on Environment in the Barents Cooperation, Green Belt of Fennoscandia and ENCORE.


Barents euro-arctic region cooperation logo

The main areas of cooperation of the Barents Working Group on Environment are the launch of environmental measures at hot spots in the Russian part of the Barents region, climate change, and nature conservation and water issues.


In the nature conservation and water issues key themes include monitoring the state of the environment, development of the Barents Protected Area Network (BPAN project 2011–2017), restoration of water bodies, and impacts of tourism on ecosystems in the Barents region.


North Karelia is represented in Working Group on Environment (WGE) and in its sub-group on Nature and Water (SNW). Currently the Barents cooperation in working groups is discontinued.

Green Belt of Fennoscandia (GBF) consists of valuable nature areas along the borders of Finland, Russia and Norway. The goal is to develop the GBF into a model area where sustainable development is supported through transboundary cooperation.


Cooperation on nature conservation is implemented nationally and internationally in working groups and projects. The Green Belt of Fennoscandia is the northern part of the European Green Belt.


In Finland Green Belt activities are carried out at national and regional level. North Karelia is a member of regional working group of Karelia, which currently focuses on promoting interregional collaboration.

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ENCORE - Environmental Conference of the Regions of Europe is an international network promoting environmental collaboration between the regions of Europe. The driving force of ENCORE is the biennial Conference for the political decision-makers of Europe dealing with environmental and sustainable development issues.


ENCORE's steering group organises annual meetings in order to exchange knowledge and promote joint interregional projects. Main themes of the collaboration include climate change, biodiversity and circular economy. 


The ENCORE network includes over 100 regions from all over Europe. North Karelia is a member of network's steering group and also coordinates ENCORE activities in Finland.